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Equinicity Marin is the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy practice of Jessica Pinto, LMFT, CEIP-MH
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC53420) and Certified Equine Interaction Professional in Mental Health

Life is about rhythm.  We are naturally rhythmic beings with countless internal systems synchronizing throughout our bodies every moment of the day and yet we so often find ourselves feeling "out of synch".   Stress, worries, transitions, trauma and simply the monotony of the “daily grind” can leave us feeling both weighted and anchor-less at the same time.  We are also living in especially tumultuous times when many are feeling disheartened and disconnected.  Horses are naturally congruent, meaning their emotions and behaviors are always in synch.  When partnering with them we have a unique opportunity to access and bring forth our most authentic self.  Utilizing the healing powers of horses and nature, Equinicity Marin is a place to reset and recalibrate.  It is an invitation to learn, grow, heal and synchronize to your life’s natural rhythm.


Coaching for Horse People

Are you curious about equine therapy but hesitant to try it because you have your own horse?  Are you a horse person looking for support for yourself or your horse?  Curious about ways to deepen the connection you feel with your equine life partner?  I might be able to help...

"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom."

- Sharon Ralls Lemon


Marin Ranch School

In response to our lives turning virtual and more isolated in 2020 we created a program to promote connection and put the fun back into learning.  At the ranch, kids are off screens, outdoors and getting dirty like kids were always meant to do.  This experiential learning program teaches life skills via horse skills and empowers kids to feel part of a working ranch community.  At Marin Ranch School we promote children's natural curiosity to learn, explore and have fun together with horses in nature.


After-school groups run in Fall and Spring...

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Horse Legs

Learn more about my services and current offerings and please reach out to me with any questions. 

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