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Attunement Coaching for Horse People

These sessions are designed to provide relationship support for humans and their equine life partners.  Our horses, just like us, want to feel "seen, heard, felt and gotten" (adapted by Sarah Schlote from Dan Siegel) and when we are in this state of "attunement" we are capable of so much more together.  Some of our most valuable and rewarding relationships are with animals.  All relationships, including those with animals, require ongoing conversations about needs and boundaries.  When we are willing to have those important, albeit sometimes difficult, conversations we reap the rewards of an increased sense of safety and a stronger connection and we feel better together. 

The way we show up in relationship with our horse is similar to how we show up everywhere else in the world and it is based, in large part, on our early attachment learning.  It is difficult to make changes to attachment and nervous system patterning using only a "top down" approach (changing our thinking) but it is possible to adjust old patterns and "lay new tracks" by tapping into the language of the body, which also happens to be the horse's native tongue.  

These sessions can be customized to your specific needs in a variety ways:

  • Support you to renegotiate a trauma that is impacting your experience of being with your horse 

  • Explore a new approach to supporting your horse to adjust behaviors that are not serving the relationship

  • Improve the communication, sense of safety and overall connection between you and your horse 

I am not a horse trainer and these sessions are not intended to target specific "problem behaviors" in horses, however behaviors tend to show up as part of a broader system of conditions and dynamics so they will often change or naturally extinguish when ideal conditions are set.   Attunement requires participation from both parties in the relationship and we cannot renegotiate relational dynamics by focusing only on making changes in the horse. 


While I am a therapist, these are not psychotherapy sessions, and do not require exploring or sharing about your past.  I will meet you wherever you are in your own journey.  For some people, drawing insights and making connections to early experiences supports their process, but it is not necessary.  We can shift current patterns without understanding how or why they were originally created and change is possible working entirely in the present.  For those interested in experiencing a therapeutic process of exploration and growth that includes their own horse, we can do that too!


I offer these sessions in person when possible (travel fee charged depending on distance) or virtually via Zoom. 

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