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The horse and human bond is both ancient and sacred.  Horses have always been an integral part of our existence on this planet.  As naturally intuitive, sensitive, and social creatures, horses seek relationships based on trust and respect and thus encourage humans to practice the same.  Equine Guided Psychotherapy is a dynamic form of experiential psychotherapy that involves a collaborative effort between the client, the horse, and the mental health professional.  With the horse as a teacher and the therapist as a guide, this work is an opportunity to explore the self and embark on a journey of insight and growth.


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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Given its relational and somatic nature Equine Guided Psychotherapy can be helpful in developing effective interpersonal and leadership skills and improving emotional regulation, either as a primary treatment or as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy.  The relationship between therapist and client is one of the most important factors in all forms of therapy.  I offer free initial phone consultations so we can determine together if I personally and if equine therapy will be the best fit for you at this time.

Attunement Sessions

Relationship support for humans and their equine life partners. 


Group Experiences

In partnership with the Ranch Life Collective I offer customizable equine experiences for your group or team.

When we need to reconnect with ourselves, we head to the ranch. It is with the horses, in the beauty of nature, where we are reminded to breathe, to get out of our heads (as best we can), and to come back into relationship with what is important in life.  Given the current times, we are guessing there might be others who are longing to feel more connected to themselves, to others, and to the natural world.​

Using the pure and reciprocal relationship with the horse as a vehicle to promote insight, learning and connection, these exploratory workshops offer a unique opportunity to access your authentic self and true leadership style in a beautiful natural setting.  In the 56 million years horses have been on this earth they have evolved within high sophisticated social networks, so they have much to teach us about connection.  If we are open to receiving their wisdom, they can help us reconnect with ourselves and improve the ways we relate to others.  Through facilitated exercises with the horses and one another, we will pay attention to what emerges.  If diving into this mystery intrigues you, come and invite the horses to support your journey.

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