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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Grazing is one of horses favorite activities. A grazing horse is a relaxed horse who has established they are safe to peacefully enjoy a snack.

Horses are highly skilled at conserving their energy for true emergencies so they don't sweat the small stuff. Horses don't overreact or try to hide their feelings, they use them to better understand the world around them. When they feel a strong emotion they get whatever information they need from it and then go back to grazing

When there is a scuffle in the herd, horses set boundaries as needed to protect themselves then let it go and return to grazing.  When there is a possible threat such as a predator, horses lift their heads and sense for important information. If they believe the threat is real they will run away, if they establish it is a false alarm they will go back to grazing.

Notice what it feels like in your body to watch Bear grazing on this fresh spring Timothy grass. You might notice you feel more relaxed and present in your body after watching, especially if you try tuning in to all of your senses. Notice the colors, light, changes in Bear's expression and any other small details, listen to the sounds of him cropping and chewing the grass, the breeze and the birds, imagine what smells might be floating through the air and maybe even imagine what it would taste like if you chewed on some grass.

What are some ways you practice "grazing"?

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